Easy Mac Data Recovery After Error Code 1407

About Mac OS X

The Mac OS X is a very popular operating system designed by Apple to be first used with a 68k processor from Motorola. With the more and more advancement into operating system the Mac system has now became very popular all over the world. The Mac OS X gives its users a great reliability and security of data along with some very unique features. Any individual or a professional can very conveniently and efficiently perform their tasks using Mac system without any problem. It has a high storage capacity to store large volume of data on the drive and the data can be organized in such a manner that any required data can be quickly accessed anytime. It can be easily said that the Mac system has made life much easier for users.


Causes of data loss situation in Mac OS X

Though the Mac system are very famous around the world and makes most of the users task very easy, it cannot be said that the system is free from errors and data loss. There are many unknown unfortunate conditions when the Mac system gets damaged either internally or externally and that most of the time leads to valuable data loss on system. Some of the possible causes and situations that reasons into the data loss on Mac are as below:

  • Attack of viruses or Trojans.
  • Corruption in volume header.
  • Disk initialization.
  • Damages in Master directory block.
  • Bad sector.
  • The catalog files node corruption.

Other then that there are some more factors causing missing of data on Mac such as accidental deletion of data, drive formatting or even the mishandling of the device. In all the situation the data stored on Mac becomes inaccessible to users and the situation is very annoying for users.

What to do When Mac system encounters a problem?

When user realize that there is some problem in Mac OS X, the first step users should take is to turn off or unplug the system or laptop. This is because if user continues to work on machine it may worsen the situation and the data may get lost forever. Therefore, it is very important for users to take immediate action and shut down PC to prevent essential data loss.

What is error code 1407 on Mac

There may be a case when while working on the Mac computer system user needs to move several files from hard drive to trash. This behavior many time lead users to error code -1407. Some more factors are also responsible for this error such as damaged hard drive, file system corruption, damages in header file or volume etc. The error may appear to users in the format as below:

The operation cannot be completed because an unexpected error occurred (error code -1407).

After the error 1407 occurs user might not get access to any files or folders on the drive. Also no data can be drag-drop or copy-move on the system. The error also minimizes system performance.

The error normally means that a program includes a locked file, but is not responding properly about the file.


How to fix error code -1407

In order to resolve and fix error 1407 on Mac user can follow some simple steps as below:

  • At first close all the open programs on system and then again try to remove that file from system.
  • If that fails then eject the drive from system by clicking on eject button and then after some time and then connect the drive again and if the file is found.
  • Still if the error not fixed then it is best for users to format the drive and use a powerful Mac data recovery to restore entire data without any loss or modification.

Disk utility to fix error -1407

The Disk utility is an inbuilt program provided with every Mac system to help user overcome any issue arises on Mac easily. Main task of Disk utility is to quickly search entire system for damages or corruption and then tries its best to fix the problem. But, if the problem appears to be severe then the Disk utility fails to troubleshoot the issue. Then there is also provided FSCK command to resolve Mac problems. But, at some serious situation none of the methods work and user gets frustrated due to error message and inaccessibility of data. An appropriate solution to get over this issue is to use an excellent Mac data recovery software.

Mac data recovery software to eliminate error -1407

The Mac data recovery tool is highly advanced and professional tool that comes with very sophisticated and unique algorithm to retrieve all users data in original form. Any novice or professional user can very easily understand and run the software without much problem. The tool can recover any format and type of data from any HFS, HFS+, HFSX, Wrapper, NTFS etc. All the lost images, documents, videos, and other data on Mac OS X can be safely retrieved uing the Mac data recovery program. User can also preview the list of files found to be restored and then select the ones to be recovered.

It is also possible for users to get the free demo version of Mac data recovery software direct from its site and check out the fonctioning of the software. The software is able to retrieve lost data from any mode of data loss i.e. data missing after corruption, damages or partition.

Few words of advice for users to avoid data loss on Mac

The loss of critical data on Mac can be avoided by simply following the below steps:

  • The redundant backups are bets bet to prevent any data loss on Mac OS X.
  • If any critical file is locally stored then better keep its backup.
  • Perform regular check and always system virus free.
    Use surge protectors to safeguards against electrical surges and power ourages.
  • If you are not sure how to setup a program on Mac hire a professional.
  • Beware of the scam emails.
  • Always be alert and think twice before deleting any data on Mac or even when formatting the drive.


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